Best Thailand eBook Topics?

What are the Best Thailand EBook Topics?

We can’t claim these are the best ebook topics – because someone could come up with something that is completely different and it may really sell. These are the topics that show up in Google’s database as having very high search volume. So, people are interested in these topics most. Would they be interested in an ebook on it?

It’s up to you to figure out how to focus on the subject in a way that will sell the heck out of your book. Top ways to do something, or dramatic subjects that book buyers might buy on emotion are hot ideas… see what you can come up with after looking at this list:

  • thailand hotels
  • thailand travel
  • thailand vacations
  • pattaya thailand
  • thailand holiday
  • luxury hotels thailand
  • samui thailand
  • thailand beach
  • investing in thailand
  • thailand girls
  • bar girls
  • ladyboys
  • muay thai
  • koh samui thailand
  • thailand tsunami
  • thailand massage
  • thailand tour
  • island thailand
  • thailand guide
  • thailand property
  • spa thailand
  • thailand bar
  • patong beach thailand
  • thailand attractions
  • northern thailand
  • thailand land
  • thailand export
  • chiangmai thailand
  • north thailand
  • thailand boys
  • thailand family
  • thailand honeymoon
  • thailand nightlife
  • volunteer thailand
  • cheap hotel thailand
  • thailand bungalow
  • work in thailand
  • things to do thailand
  • holiday to thailand
  • thailand legal issues affecting westerners

Of course, if you know someone in a Thai jail that might still be a good topic, even though it’s been done to death I don’t think it’s been done well yet.

You know what some more great Thailand ebooks would be?

1. Top 20 most beautiful eligible women in Thailand ebook.
2. Top 20 most beautiful women in Thailand ebook.
3. Top 10 most amazing ladyboys in Thailand ebook.
4. 10 Short Biographies of successful westerners making a living in Thailand ebook.
5. Cheapest safe hostels in each major city in Thailand ebook.

There is literally no end to the topics one could write about – and many of them that are great topics haven’t ever been written.

What is your passion here in Thailand?

Write a 50-100 page ebook about it and sell it here.

Ebooks are the future – and well, the present. We’re selling ebooks daily. You could be too.