Thai Black Book – Your Ultimate Survival Guide to Thailand

Thailand Black Book

If you’re going to Thailand, you NEED the book.

Thailand is an incredibly cool place to spend time. Author, Tom Wilson has been in the country for nearly 6 years and has written this book to help all expats and visitors to the country do one thing.

Stay safe.

The recent violence in Bangkok over political issues isn’t even covered in this groundbreaking book. Commonsense says, “Stay out of Bangkok while there are demonstrations, guns going off, and explosions.” There, you’re safer already.

This book deals with topics of daily life in Thailand and brings you up to speed on Thai culture and what you may experience. 90% of you won’t experience the things in this book – but, 100% of you reading it will be very glad you did so you’re prepared for what might await.

Thai Black Book has been selling extremely well online. Tom turned down an offer by a respected local paperback publisher to continue to push the book online where it’s more easily accessible and unedited by agents and publishers.

Thai Black Book. Get the book.

If you’d like to purchase the book, just send $5 to “” using and we’ll send it out to you. Do email us as well to tell us the format you’d like to receive the eBook in (PDF, MOBI, EPUB).