Apple Tablet Wishes

Ultimate ebook reader? Apple Tablet PC on stand.
Ultimate ebook reader coming soon? Let's hope we can at least plug in an external keyboard.

The impending Apple tablet could come in so many variations that I’m bound to be disappointed. I want the tablet to have it ALL: Ereader, HD movie player, mp3 player, speakers, etc.

Specifically, as a bare minimum here’s what I want the upcoming Apple iSlate, iPad, iGOD product to do:

  • Read PDF’s well. PDF’s have the best graphics and readability – now, just create something that works with it – do not make a new proprietary format.
  • It should read all ebook formats and work with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, and anyone else that offers ebooks for sale online.
  • Have a 10 inch touchscreen with a full-size haptic touch keypad that works as well as my Nokia 5800 Xpress Music phone. Handwriting recognition should work very well.
  • Play HD 1080 and 720 flash, .mov, .avi, .wmv, .anything with built in speakers.
  • Have a built in microphone so I can use it for VOIP on SKYPE and give it verbal commands it understands. I don’t like the stupid earphones w/mic contraption.
  • Have a 3MP camera for video chats. A good stand that comes with it for free.
  • It should serve as an extra monitor for my notebook by plugging it into a USB port anytime I want.
  • Have BlueTooth, WIFI, EDGE, 3G, 4G.
  • Enable me to replace the battery.

That’s about it. We’ll see what it actually has when it comes out – supposedly it will be announced in January and start shipping about March 2010.

If the new Apple tablet has the above functionality – would you buy it? What else would you want to have it do?

(photo credit: user – ndeviltv)

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