New Thailand EBook: 25 Ways to Make Money in Thailand

The full title of this book is, ’25 Ways to Make Money in Thailand Without Teaching’ by Mike Fook. In reality, it’s more like 150 ways to make money because Mike offers multiple subjects he believes would do well for each way to make money.

What would you pay to be able to get out of teaching and continue to live in Thailand?

Teaching is the usual way foreigners coming to Thailand for a short or long-term stay. Many teachers try teaching in Thailand for a term, maybe a year, and decide – it’s definitely not for them.

What to do then?

Before you quit your teaching job read this book. In it author Mike Fook outlines 25 ways to make money in Thailand to support yourself. Most of the suggestions are for online projects – but, don’t let that scare you. Mike lays it out for you completely if it’s possible to do it in a chapter, or, refers you to exactly the right place to learn the skills you need to have to make enough money to get out of teaching.

So, what would you pay to know about a project you can start today and build up in a short time so you’re earning enough money to stop teaching?


I think most teachers – if they were seriously looking for an ‘out’ of teaching and a solution that would take care of them for a year or ten – would pay 9990 baht – about $300 USD.

But, you don’t have to. This ebook is just $19.95 and promise to send Mike your first $100 you make with one of the programs.

6 thoughts on “New Thailand EBook: 25 Ways to Make Money in Thailand”

  1. You have some ebooks that sound really interesting. However when I click on the ebook, the description comes up, but there is no link to actually buy it. How do I buy this ebook?

    1. Oops. There are still a couple books that haven’t been edited fully yet, and that’s what I’m waiting on. The one you chose about 25 ways to make money in Thailand is one of those. Sorry about that… please check back – I think about 2 weeks. This site is new and trying to get everything working at once.

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