All Thailand EBooks

We have these formats for each of our Thailand-focused books –

  • Kindle (.mobi) Amazon’s Kindle store also sells most of these books if you prefer to buy there.
  • Epub (open industry format, good for Stanza reader, others)
  • PDF (good for highly formatted books, or for home printing)
  • LRF (for Sony Reader)

All Thailand and other ebooks we carry, links to more info and to buy:

Moving to Thailand – What is involved in moving across the globe to live in Thailand? What is it like? All your questions answered. This is a BEST SELLER at Amazon Kindle books.

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching in Thailand – There have been a couple attempts at books that cover this subject. We have reviewed them and found them seriously lacking. Here is a very complete book on the subject.

Living in Thailand – What is it like to live in Thailand? Could you do it? Follow one man’s journey.

Thailand’s Sickest – a thriller fiction novel set in Patong Beach. Vigilante justice.

Thailand’s Sickest – HELL TO PAY! – the follow-up to the first book.

All ebooks can be downloaded immediately after processing your payment. You can choose the format and will receive whatever you choose plus the PDF version which is readable on virtually any computer across the globe.

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