Is Amazon’s Kindle the Best EReader for Thailand Expats and Visitors?

The Amazon Kindle and Kindle Touch are – we believe, the ultimate ebook reading devices for Thailand ebooks – far surpassing the iPad, iPhone, iPod, and any Android device yet made (today we’re at mid-October 2011). There is nothing on the horizon that will beat the Kindle’s ereading experience in Thailand.

Amazon came out with the “Kindle Touch” recently – a multi-touch ereader device that is for reading e-books. Electronic books, like those found at

Since then there have been MANY devices created to read ebooks. Guess what? The Amazon Kindle eReader is STILL the ultimate. Let me explain why…

The book reading experience – with paperback books – was good enough that millions of people read books, right? You read them, I read them. Everyone in the world that went to school – likely read paper books. Personally I never liked to read them like that, and the Kindle has been a godsend for me.

With the Kindle you can increase the font size. You can change the font type to what you like – forget Times New Roman if you don’t like it – change it. You can change the contrast of the text on the Kindle… between text and background. The Kindle is black and white – but then, so were most of the books you read in paperback.

Black and white books are exceptionally easy to read. The font cannot be more clear. On the Kindle – this is even more so. The text is MORE clear than in a paperback book. The pages don’t yellow – the background for each e-page is as white as you want it to be.

Add to that the comfortableness factor – being able to hold the light device for hours at a time or lay it down and turn pages with the touch of a finger… no holding books creased open hard to read… it’s literally heavenly to read an ebook on the Kindle. Traveling around Thailand, Laos, Cambodia – I’ve seen dozens of expats use them on the train, in offices waiting on their passports, in the airport, on buses, etc. Carry one Kindle and hundreds (maybe thousands) of books on it to read whenever you choose.

If you don’t have an Amazon Kindle and you live in Thailand and you read…. get one now, click image below for info at Amazon’s store – and buy it direct. They ship to Thailand and the 3G functionality works in Thailand (on GPRS), though you probably don’t even need it – the WIFI version works very well with any local WIFI network.

New Amazon Kindle Fire Color Multitouch Tablet – eReader:

New Amazon Kindle Touch eReader:

New Amazon Kindle eReader: