Reading Ebooks in Thailand

There are many people that just don’t understand the whole ebook concept yet. I’ll explain it as best I can here. It isn’t difficult. It doesn’t require a lot of money. Actually, you can read ebooks for much less money, and with much less effort required to read a paper book.

If you are traveling to Thailand, and you landed here at this page – I’ll go over in-depth what is required to find, purchase, and read ebooks.

Ebooks are great for many reasons – one of which is they are cheaper than paper books. They are cheaper to make. They are cheaper to mass produce and distribute. They are usually, and should always be, cheaper to buy. Some authors and publishers – the big names – are refusing to drop prices of their ebooks. They have very little expense in producing them without having to worry about printing and distributing ebooks – but, they are greedy and are still charging over $10 USD for one book. It’s absurd. It’s ridiculous. It offers those of us that are not big name writers – a chance to break into the ebook market, which is what we’ve done.

Ebooks are “Electronic Books”. Instead of paper, books are created digitally on a word processor in a computer or other device. Almost always a computer, though in Japan they sometimes create entire full-length books on their phones. Insane – right?! I don’t know any Thailand writers doing this, and I don’t think we’ll see it anytime soon either.

Ebooks are usually created in Word format, or some other standard, and are converted to other formats so they can be easily read on electronic devices. Thailand is like the rest of the world – we have desktop and notebook computers, we have online, and Apple stores in Bangkok, Phuket, and even Ubon Ratchathani in Thailand’s northeast – Isaan region.

Different electronic ereaders – read different types of files. If you see an ebook for sale, you need to know what format it is being offered in so you can know – will it be able to be read on your particular device – or not?

Here at Thailand Ebooks – we offer the major formats – PDF, .Epub, .Mobi and a couple of others. Nearly all ebooks are formatted in one of the three formats just mentioned. Any computer with the “Reader” application from can read PDF files. Probably your smart phone can read PDF files. It is not a very nice file to use to read a book, because a PDF is basically an image file. Books should be in a text format to be read easily. This is why Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and other major ebook retailers – use one of the best text formats available: Epub or Mobi.

You can search for ebooks in Thailand using Google. Type in Thailand ebooks and see what happens. You see our site near the top, or at the top. We have a small collection of Thailand focused books, that are selling well. We’ve put a lot of time into them and we have more coming out. We are adding new Thailand authors as time goes by, and we are building up to be a much larger shopping place for ebook hunters looking for fiction and non-fiction about Thailand’s people, places, and things. Guidebooks are something we’re looking to add soon.

You can buy a book on our site by clicking the buy, or add to cart, buttons. You can pay with your credit card using Paypal. It’s easy and you will get a download link quickly so you can get your book and read it with whatever device (ereader) you have.

If, for whatever reason, you realize you ordered the wrong format for the ereader you have – no worries, just write us and let us know – we’ll check your order and send you the correct file. Help is just a minute away. Usually we can send your ebook instantly through email.

Which eReader to choose?

This is an often asked question. Many readers are bewildered by the whole affair and some just stick with paperback books because they know them and it’s a no-brainer.

There are many ereaders to choose from – but the best is probably your phone. Phone displays are increasing in size, the world finally realizing that a 3.8 inch display is too small to do much with. The new Galaxy Note II has a 5.5″ display. It’s almost a tablet. Personally, we love the size because it IS almost a tablet, and yet it is much smaller and the resolution is gorgeous. The price is the same as a tablet, and you can use it as a mobile phone too. No need to carry mobile phone AND tablet in Thailand when you have the Galaxy Note I or II. You can add Kindle or Nook (Barnes & Noble) ereader software to your smart phone like the Note, Galaxy Tab, iPhone, or other high-end device and get a good reading experience without carrying around a tablet computer too. If you like the tablet format, you can install the software there too – no problem.

If you don’t want to bring a tablet or mobile phone to Thailand – just install the ereader software of your choice on your notebook computer. The new Macbook Air 11 or 13″ ultrabook computers are nothing short of amazing, and will give you 5-7 hours of ereading on a single battery charge. Personally, we use the Lenovo E125 – available only in Asia – and we get 9 hours. The computer was $500! Cheap!

There are many options for reading ebooks as you travel through Thailand, and all of Asia or wherever you end up. You can store hundreds or thousands of ebooks on your ereader. With Kindle you can even send documents to your Kindle software program, whether you have the hardware Kindle you bought at the Amazon store, or you’re using Kindle on your phone, computer, or tablet as software. You right click a file and say – “Send to Kindle”. It sends it to your device. How cool is that? It’s what we use for sending anything we want to save a copy of, or read later, to our phone. Currently we use an HTC One V phone and reading ebooks is easy here in Thailand using that phone. The phone is half the price of an iPhone, but does everything the iPhone does – and better.

If you are considering a trip to Thailand – bring your mobile phone prepared with the latest software from Kindle (the best, we think) – and load up on books set in Thailand here at Thailand Ebooks. Tell your friends. Email us with any questions.

Best of luck,


Are EBooks and EReaders Selling in Thailand?

The first part to this question is simple – yes, ebooks are selling very well in Thailand, and have been over the past two years. Though I have rarely seen someone carrying around a dedicated ereader like the Amazon Kindle or the Barnes and Noble “Nook”, I have seen quite a few people with tablet computers. How many of them have Kindle software installed so they can use them to read books directly from Amazon – I have no idea, but probably a good percentage of them, meaning somewhere around 20%.

That’s a guess – of course.

I usually see ereaders at the train station and airports. I don’t hang around Thailand bus stations, having not taken a bus in 6 years in this place, but they are probably there too. Usually it is foreigners visiting the country that have the Kindles. I think many people read Thailand ebooks on their iphones and other smart phones in which they just install the ereader software for Amazon Kindle, Barnes & N Nook, etc. I have the Kindle software for Android installed on my HTC One V phone, and it works well. I don’t have many options with it, but it’s decent enough to use for reading Thailand books or whatever else I’ve downloaded from Amazon.

There is another thing you can do once you have the Kindle software installed on your phone – even from here in Thailand. You can get the “Send to Kindle” software program that you install on your computer. Once installed you can right click a file (in Windows) and choose “Send to Kindle”. You choose a couple options and whammy – the file is sent directly to your Kindle, or the phone you have set up with the Kindle software. Cool huh? I use it to send PDFs, Text files, Word Docs and other stuff. It works very well and is super convenient. If you are living in, or visiting Thailand or anywhere in Southeast Asia and want to take things to read – this works well before you leave home, or even when you’re on the road and don’t want to fire up your notebook or tablet computer – you can just read on your phone, saving the battery of your other devices.

Now, at this point – Thais are not reading many ebooks. I have never seen a Thai with a dedicated ebook reader. I don’t expect to for another couple of years. There just aren’t many ebooks in Thai language out there. The numbers are increasing, but, it will be years before it is significant. You might want to tell your significant other – if Thai, or Thai friend – to get started now and write ebooks in Thai for consumers to buy later as it picks up in Thailand and Southeast Asia. There must be a good number of Thais turned American that would love to read some Thai books… I wonder how big that market would be worldwide.

Thailand ebooks are selling exceptionally well online – I can fully vouch for that. Here at our site we have Thailand fiction and non-fiction, guidebooks mostly, to help readers accomplish something if they are coming to Thailand.

If you are an author with a book about Thailand and you have the rights to sell it online – meaning, you haven’t given the rights away to a publisher… contact us and we’ll see if it is a good match for We give 70% of commissions to authors, like Amazon. We don’t ask for any exclusivity – you can sell your books anywhere you choose.

If you have a favorite Thailand author whose books you would like to see here – contact us in that case too and let us know.

Best of luck to you –


Apple Tablet Wishes

Ultimate ebook reader? Apple Tablet PC on stand.
Ultimate ebook reader coming soon? Let's hope we can at least plug in an external keyboard.

The impending Apple tablet could come in so many variations that I’m bound to be disappointed. I want the tablet to have it ALL: Ereader, HD movie player, mp3 player, speakers, etc.

Specifically, as a bare minimum here’s what I want the upcoming Apple iSlate, iPad, iGOD product to do:

  • Read PDF’s well. PDF’s have the best graphics and readability – now, just create something that works with it – do not make a new proprietary format.
  • It should read all ebook formats and work with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, and anyone else that offers ebooks for sale online.
  • Have a 10 inch touchscreen with a full-size haptic touch keypad that works as well as my Nokia 5800 Xpress Music phone. Handwriting recognition should work very well.
  • Play HD 1080 and 720 flash, .mov, .avi, .wmv, .anything with built in speakers.
  • Have a built in microphone so I can use it for VOIP on SKYPE and give it verbal commands it understands. I don’t like the stupid earphones w/mic contraption.
  • Have a 3MP camera for video chats. A good stand that comes with it for free.
  • It should serve as an extra monitor for my notebook by plugging it into a USB port anytime I want.
  • Have BlueTooth, WIFI, EDGE, 3G, 4G.
  • Enable me to replace the battery.

That’s about it. We’ll see what it actually has when it comes out – supposedly it will be announced in January and start shipping about March 2010.

If the new Apple tablet has the above functionality – would you buy it? What else would you want to have it do?

(photo credit: user – ndeviltv)

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