Authors of books and ebooks – what is in this for you?

We created this site primarily for ourselves. We love to write ebooks about Thailand and other places and have been doing so for 3 years now. With the intro of Nook, Kindle, Sony eReader and such – the market is growing quickly and it was time for us not only to ramp up our own publishing efforts – but, to bring others into the fold.

Ebooks are better than paperback books for a number of reasons. The most compelling are these:

1. Publish your book digitally in ebook format first and you own all rights, you can earn 5 to 10 times more than you would per book sold than if you went the paperback book route. With paper books, you might keep $1.50 per book. Ebooks you’re looking at about $5 at this site if you sell for just $9.95 like most of our books, or, if you write a highly focused niche book like “Teaching English in Japan” you might be able to list it here for $47 and make over $20 with each sale.

You might be able to make sales on your own. Great! Look at our site as a way to make some supplemental sales then.

2. We can convert your Word Doc file to all the different ebook eReader formats and sell them for you without you doing anything.

3. We send you monthly Paypal’s or bank transfers to cover your ebook sales if you’re in Thailand and prefer that.

Are you interested in selling your ebooks with us?

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