Are EBooks and EReaders Selling in Thailand?

The first part to this question is simple – yes, ebooks are selling very well in Thailand, and have been over the past two years. Though I have rarely seen someone carrying around a dedicated ereader like the Amazon Kindle or the Barnes and Noble “Nook”, I have seen quite a few people with tablet computers. How many of them have Kindle software installed so they can use them to read books directly from Amazon – I have no idea, but probably a good percentage of them, meaning somewhere around 20%.

That’s a guess – of course.

I usually see ereaders at the train station and airports. I don’t hang around Thailand bus stations, having not taken a bus in 6 years in this place, but they are probably there too. Usually it is foreigners visiting the country that have the Kindles. I think many people read Thailand ebooks on their iphones and other smart phones in which they just install the ereader software for Amazon Kindle, Barnes & N Nook, etc. I have the Kindle software for Android installed on my HTC One V phone, and it works well. I don’t have many options with it, but it’s decent enough to use for reading Thailand books or whatever else I’ve downloaded from Amazon.

There is another thing you can do once you have the Kindle software installed on your phone – even from here in Thailand. You can get the “Send to Kindle” software program that you install on your computer. Once installed you can right click a file (in Windows) and choose “Send to Kindle”. You choose a couple options and whammy – the file is sent directly to your Kindle, or the phone you have set up with the Kindle software. Cool huh? I use it to send PDFs, Text files, Word Docs and other stuff. It works very well and is super convenient. If you are living in, or visiting Thailand or anywhere in Southeast Asia and want to take things to read – this works well before you leave home, or even when you’re on the road and don’t want to fire up your notebook or tablet computer – you can just read on your phone, saving the battery of your other devices.

Now, at this point – Thais are not reading many ebooks. I have never seen a Thai with a dedicated ebook reader. I don’t expect to for another couple of years. There just aren’t many ebooks in Thai language out there. The numbers are increasing, but, it will be years before it is significant. You might want to tell your significant other – if Thai, or Thai friend – to get started now and write ebooks in Thai for consumers to buy later as it picks up in Thailand and Southeast Asia. There must be a good number of Thais turned American that would love to read some Thai books… I wonder how big that market would be worldwide.

Thailand ebooks are selling exceptionally well online – I can fully vouch for that. Here at our site we have Thailand fiction and non-fiction, guidebooks mostly, to help readers accomplish something if they are coming to Thailand.

If you are an author with a book about Thailand and you have the rights to sell it online – meaning, you haven’t given the rights away to a publisher… contact us and we’ll see if it is a good match for We give 70% of commissions to authors, like Amazon. We don’t ask for any exclusivity – you can sell your books anywhere you choose.

If you have a favorite Thailand author whose books you would like to see here – contact us in that case too and let us know.

Best of luck to you –