Thailand EBooks covers mostly Thailand focused ebooks but there are other topics coming available over the next few months. If you are an author with a book set in Thailand, we may feature your book on the pages of this site. We have another site that focuses on Asia ebooks so, if you’re a writer and have an ebook about Cambodia, Malaysia, Japan, Korea or somewhere else – great, just contact us through our contact form.

The ebooks sold here are focused on the essence of life in Thailand. That may include biographies, thriller fiction, how-to books, and books about the naughty nightlife Thailand is so famous for. We have a separate section for books of this nature – see the link for “X” in the row of links at the top of every page.

Most Thailand EBooks are sold in digital format only, however there are some which have now been made into print. If you find someone using our content (stealing) we’d love to know and don’t take kindly to it.

We put heaps of effort into creating this site and the ebooks that we authored. Please don’t share them with your friends unless you are buying them a copy. Show them a quote or have them come here to read a sample of the book to help them decide if it would make sense to buy it. Digital products are copyrighted from the moment of their creation. Will we prosecute those that share an ebook with a friend? Honestly, we’ve no time for that – we are relying on your common sense and sense of right and wrong to guide you. However, if we get a site name… do a little research… well, we just might have time to pay someone a visit.

If your friend can’t afford the $9.95 for a copy why don’t you pitch in half? $9.95 for a product that will keep you safer during your visit or give you new information that guides you to having a much better time in Thailand is worth $10. Isn’t it?

All the ebooks we create are priced at $9.95 or below. We hope you think that price is fair too.

We could really use your help in keeping these books up to date. If you find some information that you know is incorrect, would you let us know? We update our Thailand ebooks often and strive to keep them the most updated information that you can find in one place.

Thanks for stopping by and shopping at ThailandEBooks.com.

If you have any questions you can contact us with this form:

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